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Clonet is now OpenCO2net Oy

Jan 3, 2023 | Katariina Kurikka |

Our company name has been changed from Clonet Oy to OpenCO2net Oy.

We have developed the carbon footprint platform, which is our main product. To unify our communication, we decided to change the company name to match with our SaaS-service’s name. Clonet will remain the company’s auxiliary business name for our business management consulting services.

For us, new year 2023 kicks off with a new name, but with the same versatile carbon footprint services as before: full carbon footprint calculation toolkit, customized calculators for companies and consulting services in the field of carbon footprint calculation and climate strategy. – comprehensive tools for managing your company’s climate actions helps companies calculate their carbon footprints, monitor the greenhouse gas emission trends, find reliable emission factors, and calculate their positive carbon handprint. includes comprehensive standard-based calculators for carbon footprint calculations of both organizations and products.

The organization-specific carbon footprint calculation follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, which is the world's most recognized standard for calculating organizations' greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint calculator for products is based on the ISO 14067 standard. In addition to the carbon footprint calculators, the yearly subscription fee includes a wide and curated emissions database, CO2 converter, emission monitoring and scenario tools and carbon handprint calculator. With the yearly subscription fee, you can do as many calculations as you wish.

Customized calculator – carbon footprint calculation doesn’t get any easier than this

Customized calculators are the most cost-effective, easiest, and most reliable way to determine the carbon footprint of your business, product, or event. We examine all emission sources for the calculator, select reliable emission factors, define the system boundary for the carbon footprint calculation, and do other tasks required for the calculation.

Based on the information found, we will build a carbon footprint calculator, and all you must do is to enter the correct data into the calculator. We will keep the calculator up-to-date and update the emission factors on the calculator on a yearly basis. Instead of paying for a consultant doing your carbon footprint calculation each year, you only pay the annual maintenance fee for the calculator after the customization fee. Cost efficiency comes with the possibility to do as many calculations as you need to with one yearly payment.

Training and carbon footprint consulting according to your company’s needs

You can strengthen your company’s and employees' innovation skills with our training. We provide climate and carbon footprint calculation training for management teams and personnel. You can choose training from our ready-made packages or contact us, and we will tailor the training according to you company’s needs. In addition, we calculate the carbon footprints of organizations, products, and services in various sectors.

If your company needs tools for carbon footprint calculation, training on topics related to carbon footprint calculation, or you want an expert to calculate the carbon footprint of your company or products, you can contact us.

You get more information of the company name change and our services by contacting our CEO Sari Siitonen (sari(a) / +358 40 761 5221).

Do you want to hear more about our services?

Contact us via the form or directly to our expert, and we can figure out together which calculator would work best for your organization.


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Founder, CEO


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