We provide services and information for developing a low-carbon business.

About OpenCO2.net

OpenCO2.net is a carbon footprint platform developed in Finland. It has one of Europe’s most extensive, up-to-date emission factor database and standard-based tools to support your company’s journey towards carbon neutrality. With the tools of OpenCO2.net, companies can quickly and reliably determine and monitor their greenhouse gas emissions, model emissions trends, find relevant and reliable emission factors, and increase their positive carbon handprint. We grant the Carbon Footprint Label for certified calculations.

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With the help of our services, you can compare, for example, the emissions of different types of electricity generation.

Purpose and vision

  • Our purpose is to produce reliable carbon footprint information to support decision-making.
  • Our vision is to make the carbon footprint visible in all products in an understandable format.
We have assisted various actors in defining and reducing their carbon footprints.


Our experts have decades of experience in sustainable development, and we have helped companies reduce their carbon footprint with the tools of the OpenCO2.net platform.

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Our experts have decades of experience in sustainable development and emission calculation.

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