The carbon handprint calculator shows the climate benefit a product, service, or process brings the customer, i.e., the emission reduction potential.

Carbon handprint calculator

With the carbon handprint calculator, you can compare the climate benefits of your product or service with a selected baseline solution. The carbon handprint describes the reduced climate load that your customer can achieve with your solution. The carbon handprint calculation is based on the carbon handprint calculation methodology developed by VTT and LUT University, which relies heavily on life cycle calculation and the guidelines of the ISO 14067 standard.

Use the calculator
The carbon handprint calculator is easy to use.

Why calculate the carbon handprint?

The carbon handprint provides the company with fact-based information to support decision-making and the opportunity to communicate the positive climate impact of your products and services.

Lead with knowledge

Take advantage of being a pioneer in climate matters by using carbon handprint information in management. Use the information to market and sell your product or service, manage your business and develop your strategy.

Rational investments

Finding out the carbon handprint of new investments can strengthen the rationality of the investment decision and increase the credibility of the investment towards financiers as well.

Increase visibility

The world wants to hear about climate-friendly options. Engage customers and the media by communicating about a low-emission product or service and maximizing its visibility.

Identify and strengthen your competitive advantage

When determining the carbon handprint, a baseline must be chosen, encouraging the company to follow the market. It also helps to identify and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Towards an inspiring goal

Increasing the carbon handprint is an inspiring goal and also tied to the company’s financial goals. The more a company manages to sell its low-emission products, the larger the carbon handprint.

Increase sales

Create a spiral of positivity: research, product development, and innovations are needed to make your product better. A climate-friendly product sells better.

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