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Carbon footprint information is now being asked from many directions. EU legislation obliges more and more companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions, customers ask companies for emission information, and pioneering companies take climate issues into account in everything they do. Manage your company's emission reduction efforts using the carbon footprint platform.

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Enterprise subscription

All the tools you need to manage your company's climate work.


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Consultant subscription

Extensive toolkit for calculating your customers' carbon footprints.


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Customized calculator

Carbon footprint calculator implemented according to your organization's needs.

  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for calculating the carbon footprint of a company, products, or services.
  • Browser-based and in line with your company's brand image.
  • Does not require previous experience in emissions calculation.
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Carbon footprint calculation

We help companies determine their carbon footprints.

  • Carbon footprint calculation of companies
  • Carbon footprint calculation of products and services
  • Our calculations are always based on the most well-known standards in the field.
  •'s emissions database and tools are used in the calculations.

Carbon handprint calculation

Carbon handprint describes the positive climate effects of a certain product, service or company.

  • The carbon handprint analysis is based on the methodology of VTT and LUT University.
  • The carbon handprint can be used, for example, in communicating the product's climate benefits to customers.

Other consulting

We help companies avoid greenwashing and develop climate friendly business.

  • Carbon handprint calculations
  • Climate-related trainings and workshops
  • Climate strategy work
  • Emission estimates
  • Verification of calculations and carbon footprint label
  • Interface possibility (API) to company-owned systems

CO2 calculator for meals

Easy-to-use CO2 calculator for restaurants

  • Calculate the emissions of the meals served by your restaurant.
  • Plan for meals with lower emissions.
  • Browser-based and quick-to-use tool for monitoring and planning the emissions of meals.
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