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The service has comprehensive standard-based calculators for the carbon footprint calculation of the organization and the product. The organization-specific carbon footprint calculation follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard, the world's most widely used standard for calculating organizations' greenhouse gas emissions. The product-specific carbon footprint calculator is based on the ISO 14067 standard.

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Why calculate the carbon footprint?

For now, a low-carbon business is a competitive advantage, but it will be the company's lifeblood in the future. Pay attention to the climate in business and set the trend for others.

Create added value for your customers

The more companies report the carbon footprint of their products and services, the easier it will be to make climate-friendly purchasing decisions. Customers can compare their products and services to competing options.

Meet the requirements of companies, financiers, and public procurement

Knowledge is the cornerstone of decision-making. It supports product development and increases expertise in the organization. Get the most out of calculation by developing your brand and leveraging information in your marketing.

Prepare for future legislation, and transparency requirements

Carbon footprint calculation enables targets and commitments to be set and monitored. It is the basis for reducing emissions and achieving carbon negativity and is part of risk management. Carbon Footprint Label

Those companies that have calculated their emissions and reported them openly deserve to be highlighted. After calculating the carbon footprint, you will receive a Carbon Footprint Label to support your communications.

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