Tools for companies provides necessary tools for small SMEs and large listed companies, associations, and startups that want to progress sustainably and responsibly. We also offer comprehensive tools for consultants. Our service scales to calculate the carbon footprint of both an individual product and an entire company. As a paying customer, you get access to the organization- and product-specific calculators, CO2 converter, emission monitoring tool, emission scenario tool, and carbon handprint calculator. We can also produce a customized emission calculator for your organization. See the services below.

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Tools to support your journey towards carbon neutrality helps companies monitor and model the greenhouse gas emission trends, find reliable emission factors, and increase their positive carbon handprint.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Comprehensive standard-based calculators for carbon footprint calculations of organizations and products.

Carbon handprint calculator

Demonstrate the climate benefits of your product or service with a carbon handprint calculator.

Customized calculators

We implement customized calculators for your organization and industry.

Emissions database

Our customers have access to Finland's most extensive emissions database, updated every two weeks.

CO2 Converter

Compare your emissions to easy-to-understand things, such as driving a car.

Carbon Footprint Label

After calculating the carbon footprint, you will receive a Carbon Footprint Label to support your communications.


Strengthen your company and employees' innovation skills with our training. We provide sustainability, climate, and carbon footprint calculation training for management teams and personnel. You can choose training from our ready-made packages or contact us, and we will tailor the training to your needs.


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