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A company's carbon footprint is an important indicator in responsibility work.

What is the carbon footprint of a company?

This time of the year, many companies want to calculate their carbon footprint. But what exactly does carbon footprint mean, how is it calculated and why should you define it?

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Clonet is now OpenCO2net Oy

Clonet Oy name has been changed to OpenCO2net Oy. Now the company name is in line with our carbon footprint calculation platform

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White medicine pills coming out of a machine in a pharma factory.

Case: Galena Pharma calculates carbon footprints by using

Not many days went by from Galena Pharma’s first contact to team to the training day and Galena’s team receiving the access to platform.

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A picture of a port with hundreds of colourful containers.

What is scope 3 and what should be taken into account when calculating it?

In business related sustainability discussions, one could not have avoided to hear about scope 3. What is scope 3? Do you have to include it in the carbon footprint calculation?

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A picture of a baby wearing Muumi baby diaper.

Customized carbon footprint calculator for products

Delipap, a company manufacturing hygiene products, wanted to develop a calculator that can be independently used for calculating the carbon footprints of products easily and reliably.

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In the picture there is forest and blue sky.

Emission calculation - avoid the pitfalls

Is there a short cut in emission calculation and on the road to carbon neutrality? How to recognise a reliable company that offers emission calculation?

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When determining a carbon footprint, attention must be paid to several different things.

How is the carbon footprint calculated?

Calculating carbon footprints is much more than just multiplying numbers. When determining a carbon footprint, attention must be paid to several different things, including the goal setting and system...

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Clarifying terms related to climate goals in plain language to make the climate discourse easier to understand.

Climate vocabulary take-over: terms related to climate targets

When it comes to climate targets, many different terms are cultivated. How does the net-zero goal differ from the carbon neutrality goal? What is meant by a carbon budget? This blog post will clarify...

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We open the climate vocabulary in plain language.

Climate vocabulary take-over: terms related to carbon footprint calculating

The climate discourse is colored by the climate vocabulary, making it difficult to follow the conversation. What does carbon dioxide equivalent mean? How is a carbon handprint different from a carbon...

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How does an emission factor affect a carbon footprint calculation?

Choosing the correct emission factor is perhaps the most challenging step in calculating one's carbon footprint. How do I know which emission factors I should use? How do I select the correct emission...

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Case: A tailored carbon footprint calculator for CO2 Business

CO2 Business (Midoli Oy) wanted to develop individual carbon footprint calculators to support their sustainability goals. The first tailor-made calculator for CO2 Business allows measuring...

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Why do we measure carbon handprint?

The carbon handprint provides the company with fact-based information to support decision-making and the opportunity to communicate the positive climate impact of its own products and services

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