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Vantaa Energy is preparing for CSRD requirements – Case

Vantaa Energy is preparing for the requirements of the CSRD and has determined its greenhouse gas emissions. The calculation was based on the GHG Protocol and ESRS E1 standards.

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Emma Gala discovered its carbon footprint – Case

Emma Gala wanted to determine its carbon footprint. The project was driven by a desire to continue genuine and significant actions to minimize environmental impacts.

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Tackle greenwashing with reliable climate data

The EU aims to tackle greenwashing with the ECGT Directive and the upcoming Green Claims Directive. Read our blog to find out what this means for businesses

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Kaasuautoilijat ry wanted a customized calculator that could easily compare the life-cycle emissions of heavy vehicles to other fuels.

Comparison calculator for Kaasuautoilijat ry – Case

Kaasuautoilijat ry wanted a customized calculator that could easily compare the life-cycle emissions of heavy vehicles to other fuels.

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CSRD and and the changes it brings are now on everyone’s lips, and the first year of the directive has been kicked off.

What is the status of emissions accounting regulation?

A lot is going on with emissions accounting at the moment. In this blog, we will summarize what has been happening lately and what is coming up next.

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turned off laptop computer on top of brown wooden table

Five good reasons to choose OpenCO2net provides all the tools you need for calculating and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. We summarized the strengths of our tools into five points.

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OpenCO2net created a customized calculator for Stalatube, enabling Stalatube to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of its products with competing products.

Emissions comparison calculator for Stalatube – Case

OpenCO2net created a customized calculator for Stalatube, enabling Stalatube to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of its products with competing products.

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Regulation is increasing in the packaging industry, and changes are expected during the next years.

Regulation in the packaging industry is increasing

Regulation is increasing in the packaging industry, and changes are expected during the next years. What is the status of the packaging industry regulation in the spring of 2024?

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Heart Hospital sign above the main doors

Heart Hospital wanted to find out its emissions – Case

For the first time, the procurement services of Heart Hospital calculated its carbon footprint. Once the GHG inventory was complete, it was easy to start planning emission reductions for the hospital.

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Grey plastic buckets destined for recycling bins.

Muotek makes product emissions visible to its customers – Case

If a customer is interested in the carbon footprint of a Muotek product or an entire order, the result is just a few keystrokes and clicks away.

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A man calculating carbon dioxide emissions on a computer.

Emission factor - how do I choose the right one?

Choosing the right emission factor is one of the most challenging tasks in emission calculation. Often, you have to search for emission factors with great effort - How do I choose the right one?

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What is the carbon footprint of celebrating Christmas? How to diminish your impact on climate?

Carbon footprint of Christmas

What is the carbon footprint of celebrating Christmas? How to diminish your impact on climate?

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Make sure that you carbon footprint calculation tools are up to date.

Tools for carbon footprint calculation, what should be considered?

What should be considered when choosing tools for carbon footprint calculation? Before inputting the numbers and compiling the results, make sure at least the following aspects are taken into account.

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Dividing the climate benefits of a circular economy is not always clear.

Who should get the climate benefits of a circular economy?

Circular economy solutions play a key role in controlling a climate crisis as they create climate benefits by reducing virgin raw materials and waste. But how the climate benefits should be divided...

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Emission data inquiries towards subcontractors have increased.

Subcontractor, what does the requested emission data mean?

More and more different emission data is required from SMEs already in the bidding phase. In this blog, we tell what scope 1 & 2, scope 3, EPD, SBTi, CDP and Ecovadis mean.

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Accountability helps growth.

Responsibility as part of our business

We want our actions to do more good than harm. The goal of every project we work on for our clients is to produce fewer emissions into the world, either directly or indirectly.

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Messeforum's carbon neutral stand.

Messeforum became a climate pioneer in its field – Case

Messeforum is ahead of the curve on climate issues. As an industry pioneer, it offers a carbon-neutral exhibition stand for each of its customers and pays attention to its own carbon footprint.

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A human uses the CSRD report to investigate potential emission reduction opportunities for a company.

What to know about CSRD and ESRS reporting? 

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD will enter into force at the beginning of 2024, requiring companies to report more comprehensively on sustainability.

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A company's carbon footprint provides a good basis for planning emission reductions. FootBalance chose as its partner.

Carbon footprint calculation for FootBalance – Case

FootBalance, a manufacturer of personalized insoles, wanted to start their sustainability work by calculating their carbon footprint. OpenCO2net’s experts were a great help in the project.

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Green Claims requires companies to provide reliable background information to support environmental claims.

Green Claims Directive requires evidence on environmental claims

The European Parliament has voted in favor of the Green Claims Directive proposal. If implemented, Green Claims will require companies to justify their environmental claims carefully.

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In Scope 3 emission calculations, close cooperation with the supply chain is essential to achieve reliable calculation results.

Challenges of Calculating Scope 3 Emissions

Calculating Scope 3 emissions can be a challenging task for organizations, as it requires a comprehensive understanding of the supply chain and the indirect impacts of activities.

Read more provides companies with customized calculators. Tailored to your company's needs, the calculator is a cost-effective way to determine the carbon footprint of your business, products or services.

CO2 Calculator to Asiakastieto – Case

Asiakastieto launched a CO2 calculator as part of its ESG service produced in cooperation with

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The carbon handprint describes the positive climate impacts of a solution compared to the baseline solution.

Carbon handprint - what does it mean and how is it defined?

Interest in carbon handprint has increased and companies are keen to communicate the positive climate impacts of their activities. But what does carbon handprint actually mean?

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Turku City Theatre / Otto-Ville Väätäinen

Turku City Theatre carbon footprint calculation – Case

Turku City Theatre wanted to take a closer look at the climate impact of their operations, so they decided to determine the organization's carbon footprint for 2022.

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CSRD puts requirements to companies' emissions calculating and reporting. Learn more about CSRD.

CSRD - what requirements does it set for companies' emission reporting?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies to report more extensively on their sustainability performance. What do the new requirements mean for emissions reporting?

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Answers to questions about Scope 3, carbon footprint calculations and carbon offsetting.

“Should Scope 3 be calculated” and other questions

Carbon footprint calculation and carbon neutrality are topics which raise a lot of questions. We collected five frequently asked questions and answered them on our blog.

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New guidance on climate claims and carbon offsetting. Find out what it means for companies.

Offsetting and climate claims

The Finnish Government published a new guide on good practices for voluntary carbon markets. What does this mean for environmental claims?

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Saimaan Tukipalvelut increased their knowledge in emissions calculations with guidance.

Carbon footprint calculation for Saimaan Tukipalvelut – Case

Saimaan Tukipalvelut wanted to calculate their CO2 emissions. As the project moved forward, the understanding of carbon footprint calculation inside the company increased significantly.

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A company's carbon footprint is an important indicator in responsibility work.

What is the carbon footprint of a company?

This time of the year, many companies want to calculate their carbon footprint. But what exactly does carbon footprint mean, how is it calculated and why should you define it?

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Glaciers and the logo

Clonet is now OpenCO2net Oy

Clonet Oy name has been changed to OpenCO2net Oy. Now the company name is in line with our carbon footprint calculation platform

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Jospak, a manufacturer of cartoon trays, wanted a customized carbon footprint calculator to be able to calculate the emissions for each customer.

A customized carbon footprint calculator for Jospak – Case

Jospak, a manufacturer of food packaging trays, wanted to determine the carbon footprints of its trays using a customized carbon footprint calculator.

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Read on to find out how you know it the carbon footprint calculation is reliable.

How to know if carbon footprint calculation is reliable?

How does one know if the carbon footprint calculation result is reliable? Find out by reading our blog.

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White medicine pills coming out of a machine in a pharma factory.

Galena Pharma calculates carbon footprints using – Case

Not many days went by from Galena Pharma’s first contact to team to the training day and Galena’s team receiving the access to platform.

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Product carbon footprint indicates how much emissions producing the product causes.

Product carbon footprint – how to determine it?

Read how to discover your product's actual climate impact.

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A picture of a port with hundreds of colourful containers.

What is scope 3 and what should be taken into account when calculating it?

In business related sustainability discussions, one could not have avoided to hear about scope 3. What is scope 3? Do you have to include it in the carbon footprint calculation?

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A picture of a baby wearing Muumi baby diaper.

Customized carbon footprint calculator for Delipap's products – Case

Delipap, a company manufacturing hygiene products, wanted to develop a calculator that can be independently used for calculating the carbon footprints of products easily and reliably.

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In the picture there is forest and blue sky.

Emission calculation - avoid the pitfalls

Is there a short cut in emission calculation and on the road to carbon neutrality? How to recognise a reliable company that offers emission calculation?

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Kotipizza is known for its delicious pizzas.

Kotipizza developed the Pizza Meter converter – Case

Kotipizza integrated a Pizza Meter converter into its communication channels, allowing customers to compare the carbon footprint of pizzas to everyday experiences.

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OpenCO2net helped to calculate the life-cycle carbon footprint of the workwear maintained by Sakupe.

Sakupe found out life-cycle carbon footprint of a workwear – Case

OpenCO2net helped Sakupe to calculate the in-use carbon footprint of a healthcare professionals’ workwear according to the ISO 14067 standard.

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When determining a carbon footprint, attention must be paid to several different things.

How is the carbon footprint calculated?

Calculating carbon footprints is much more than just multiplying numbers. When determining a carbon footprint, attention must be paid to several different things, including the goal setting and system...

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Clarifying terms related to climate goals in plain language to make the climate discourse easier to understand.

Climate vocabulary take-over: terms related to climate targets

When it comes to climate targets, many different terms are cultivated. How does the net-zero goal differ from the carbon neutrality goal? What is meant by a carbon budget? This blog post will clarify...

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We open the climate vocabulary in plain language.

Climate vocabulary take-over: terms related to carbon footprint calculating

The climate discourse is colored by the climate vocabulary, making it difficult to follow the conversation. What does carbon dioxide equivalent mean? How is a carbon handprint different from a carbon...

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Wind farms produce renewable electricity, but even that is not completely emission-free.

How does an emission factor affect a carbon footprint calculation?

Choosing the correct emission factor is perhaps the most challenging step in calculating one's carbon footprint. How do I know which emission factors I should use? How do I select the correct emission...

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A businessman runs and represents a pioneer.

Why do we measure carbon handprint?

The carbon handprint provides the company with fact-based information to support decision-making and the opportunity to communicate the positive climate impact of its own products and services

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Golf course and a ball.

A tailored carbon footprint calculator for CO2 Business – Case

CO2 Business (Midoli Oy) wanted to develop individual carbon footprint calculators to support their sustainability goals. The first tailor-made calculator for CO2 Business allows measuring...

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