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We have solid experience measuring the carbon footprint of companies, products, and services and implementing customized emission calculators. We help identify emission sources and collect and verify the input data and emission factors needed for the calculation. We also help develop carbon-neutral products and services. We support your company from start to finish and ensure that emissions calculations are carried out reliably based on standards without the risk of greenwashing.

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"I would rate Clonet’s footprint services a full ten. Thanks to the carbon footprint projects implemented in 2018 and 2019, our organization has reliable information on our emission levels; this has allowed us to set concrete emission reduction targets. We have also been able to educate our customers and employees on the topic and encouraged them to join in on climate action."

Juulia Juslin, Quality Coordinator​
Hyria Education

PaaPii Design Oy

Product-specific carbon footprint calculator and organization-specific carbon footprint calculation

Jospak Oy

Product-specific carbon footprint calculation

Glaston Oy

Scope 1 ja 2 climate emission calculation

ISS Palvelut Oy

Emission calculation for property maintenance, cleaning and restaurant services

Happy Hamlet

Emission calculation for traveling, developing a emission calculator

Lindström Oy

Carbon footprint training, including life cycle assessment

Varova Oy

Emission calculation for transport services and developing a customized emission calculator

Kontram Oy

Organizational carbon footprint calculation

Finlayson Oy

Emission calculation of CO2/NEG product family

Novita Oy

Organizational carbon footprint calculation

Savonlinnan Oopperajuhlat

Organizational carbon footprinting

Teosto ry

Calculating an organization’s carbon footprint and plan for carbon neutrality

Hyria Koulutus Oy

Calculating the carbon footprint of an educational institution

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