The carbon footprint label indicates reliable calculation. The label can be granted to an organization, product, or service. Carbon Footprint Label

The Carbon Footprint Fabel indicates that the calculated carbon footprint is based on reliable input data and calculation methods and meets the requirements of the calculation standards. The label can be granted to an organization or product.

The Carbon Footprint Label is a voluntary certificate managed by OpenCO2net Oy. This label may be granted to organizations or products whose carbon footprint has been determined or verified through or by a trusted third party.

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The label indicates a reliable calculation

The Carbon Footprint Label is validated by an internationally accredited certification and rating agency, DNV.

The DNV's statement confirms that the carbon footprint complies with the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14067 standard. The assessment took into account the process steps and actions required for granting the label as well as's calculation principles and the data collection process of emission factors.

With the carbon footprint label, you communicate to stakeholders that the calculation has been carried out in accordance with the standards.

How can I get the Carbon Footprint Label?

The label can be granted if the company or product meets one of the following conditions below.

Learn more about the terms and conditions of the carbon footprint label.

The carbon footprint of an organization or product has been calculated using the tools of

OpenCO2net or its partner has defined the carbon footprint.

The results of the carbon footprint calculation have been verified by OpenCO2net or another trusted third party.

Different Carbon Footprint Labels

There are three different labels.

The Carbon Footprint Label indicates the carbon footprint of an organization or product.

The Carbon Footprint Calculated Label indicates the company's or product's name for which the carbon footprint has been determined.

The Carbon-Neutral Label indicates that the carbon footprint has been reduced and the remaining emissions have been offset by a reliable service provider. Carbon Footprint Label partners

Our partner in verifying emissions data

DNV is an independent expert in assurance and risk management. DNV uses its knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations such as climate change.

Verification of GHG emissions calculations is recommended by many standards and initiatives, such as GHG Protocol, GRI, and CDP.

DNV provides third-party verification that strengthens stakeholder confidence in the relevance, completeness, and accuracy of publicly disclosed information.

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Our partner in reducing emissions

Hukka AI's tool helps professional kitchens measure, analyze, and reduce food waste. Minimizing food waste is an essential part of reducing organizations' carbon footprint and combating climate change. Hukka is a SaaS-based solution that requires no other investment. The calculation is performed with existing solutions.

Together, Hukka and OpenCO2net will help organizations reduce their carbon footprint from food waste.

More information: Tuure Karhu, tuure(a), tel. +358 50 552 5263.

Our partner in compensating carbon footprint

CO2esto is a company founded by VTT's current and former experts. The company focuses on cost-effective climate change mitigation measures. CO2esto has a unique greenhouse gas offset service through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. The desired number of emissions is offset by purchasing emission allowances from the EU ETS preventing the corresponding amount from being emitted by the largest emitters in the EU.

Through the cooperation between CO2esto and OpenCO2net, every organization can operate in a carbon-neutral way. The service can be used to determine the carbon footprint of a company, product, or event, and the corresponding emissions are offset through CO2esto's service. The ‘Carbon Neutral’ label is granted to carbon-neutral companies and products.

More information: info(a)

Our Partner in content creation

flyAR Augmented Reality Studio is specializing in interactive and 3D augmented reality productions. The company produces customized solutions using the best and most appropriate tools and software in the industry.

flyAR produces infographics for the Carbon Footprint Label, which can be used to illustrate the distribution of emissions by emission source. The infographics can be linked to the carbon footprint label utilizing a QR code.

More information: Frans Tihveräinen, CEO, co-founder,

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