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Case: A tailored carbon footprint calculator for CO2 Business

Mar 24, 2022 | Sari Siitonen |

CO2 Business (Midoli Oy), which focused on developing a climate-friendly business, wanted to develop individual carbon footprint calculator to support their sustainability goals. The calculator tailor-made for CO2 Business allows measuring the climate impact of various golf events.

CO2 Business provides its customers with services that allow the customer to reduce their carbon footprint and add Carbon Footprint Reduction as part of the company’s strategy. CO2 Business wanted to develop carbon footprint calculators for various industries, which will make it possible to easily and reliably calculate emissions related to customer projects.

OpenCO2net implemented the first carbon footprint calculator for counting the carbon footprint of golf events on its platform. The standard-based calculator takes into account all emission sources of a golf events, including turf management ,energy- and water consumption, transportation and meals associated with the event. Additionally, the calculator includes carbon footprint of the equipments and brochures, and the emissions created form travelling of the players and the organizers who attended the event.

In the future, OpenCO2net will take care of the maintenance of the calculator and that the calculator is based on the latest guidelines for carbon footprinting and the emission factors are up-to-date. In this way, CO2 Business can focus on providing added value to its customers by providing reliable emissions data to support their customers' decision-making.

“With the new calculator we can effortlessly help our customers figure out the carbon footprint of different golf events, knowing that all relevant emissions are taken into account in the calculation. When it is easy to obtain reliable carbon footprint data and it is easy to identify the most significant sources of emissions, it is also easier to tackle climate action, ”says Tommy Skogster, a senior advisor at CO2 Business.

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