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Case: Customized carbon footprint calculator for Delipap's products

Sep 19, 2022 | Katariina Kurikka |

The Finnish family-owned business Delipap manufactures, markets, and sells hygiene products.  It is the only manufacturer of disposable feminine hygiene products and children's diapers in Finland and strives to take environmental responsibility into account in all its products throughout their entire life cycle. Delipap's products have been awarded the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

Delipap wanted to develop a carbon footprint calculator, which the team can use independently to calculate the carbon footprint of its products easily and reliably. In the project, OpenCO2net verified the calculations made by Delipap. The verified calculations were saved in the calculator, where they are available to Delipap.

"With the calculator, we will be able to reliably and cost-effectively determine the carbon footprint of all hygiene products in our portfolio in the future. The verification of calculations made by OpenCO2net brought certainty and strengthened our understanding of carbon footprint calculation." says Delipap's Master Planner Kirsi Heiskanen.

The calculator was implemented on the carbon footprint platform so that the calculator includes the emission factors and transport routes of all materials used by Delipap. The carbon footprint calculator complies with the ISO 14067 standard.

The project was continuation for OpenCO2net's and Delipap's earlier projects, where OpenCO2net determined the carbon footprint for ten Moomin Baby diaper products and ten Delipap Vuokkoset products.

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