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Galena Pharma calculates carbon footprints using – Case

Nov 7, 2022 | Katariina Kurikka |Case

Galena Pharma started using carbon footprint toolkit in July. Galena Pharma Oy is a Finnish pharmaceutical factory specializing in contract manufacturing and packaging services. Galena offers expertise and knowledge from the product development to registration of the products and launching them to the market. Galena had a need for an easy-to-use tool for calculating different products’ carbon footprints.  The actual carbon footprint calculation is done in co-operation with Galena’s customers. With the help of Galena has calculated carbon footprints of medicines, medical devices, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products. When needed, team has checked the calculations made by Galena.

Easy-to-use toolkit and wide emission database as a corner stone of carbon footprint calculations

”The carbon footprint calculations have started rolling nicely! easy-to-use carbon footprint calculators and wide emission database has enabled already multiple carbon footprint calculations. It is great that boosting climate friendly business has gained interest among many of our B2B customers. Carbon footprint calculations are new to our business field and foreign to both us and our customers. However, it has been pleasant to do the calculations, because I have been able to convince both myself and our customers that the emission factors, calculating tools and thus the final calculations are trustworthy and as comparable as possible. We also save time, when we don’t have to search for all data ourselves and take care of the credibility of the data.  It is also great, that offers browser-based calculators for both products and organization’s carbon footprint calculations. This is something that other players don’t offer! We will also soon start the carbon footprint calculation of our organization.”, says Kaisa Hautala, Project Program Coordinator for Environmental Sustainability at Galena Pharma.

One example of carbon footprint calculations is Decem Pharma Ltd. Galena Pharma has calculated the carbon footprint for many of their product series. Carbon footprint calculation inspired the owners of the brands to plan the future environmental choices.  Galena’s operations are based on know-how, professionalism, and responsibility. As part of responsibility, finding out the carbon footprint of products is of paramount importance.

” We are glad that we can offer our customers this kind of service in addition to our other services! We hope that this service will arouse the interest of customers in the future as well.”, says Heidi Taipale, Head of Regulatory Affairs and R&D at Galena Pharma.

All the tools a company needs to manage climate data and actions provides necessary tools for small SMEs and large listed companies, associations, and startups that want to progress sustainably and responsibly. We also offer comprehensive tools for consultants. Our service scales to calculate the carbon footprint of both an individual product and an entire company. As a paying customer, you get access to the organization- and product-specific calculators, CO2 converter, emission monitoring tool, emission scenario tool, and carbon handprint calculator. We can also produce a customized emission calculator for your organization.

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