also provides free tools for determining carbon footprints.

Tools for individuals

Our goal is to increase businesses’ and individuals’ knowledge of climate emissions. Reduce your emissions and make better consumption decisions with our free tools.

Check out the climate impact of different products and services in the free emissions database.
Emissions database

Look for emission factors.

Convert CO2 emissions to familiar values, such as mileage by car.
CO2 Converter

Put the amount of your emissions into perspective.

Transport is a significant source of climate emissions.
CO2 commuting calculator

See how much your commuting causes emissions.

By comparing the CO2 emissions of heating, you can find a more climate-friendly alternative.
CO2 heating calculator

See how much your home's heating is causing emissions.

Need more comprehensive tools?

As a paying customer, you can access one of Europe’s most extensive and easiest-to-use emissions database, the company- and product-specific calculators, carbon handprint calculator, emissions monitoring, and emission scenario tool. We can also produce a customized calculator for the platform that suits your needs.

Tools for companies