The emission factor describes the sum of emissions generated per the amount of product or service produced.

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Search for factors by typing keywords in the search box. When searching for emission factors, the name, category, company/organization, year of update, and value of the emission factor are displayed. For more information on the emission factor, click on the emission factor.

Search for emission factors

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Nimi Emission factor
75.00 g/km
126.00 g/km
65.00 g/km
78.00 g/km
57.00 g/km
49.00 g/km
41.00 g/km
15.00 g/hkm
Coach, Average in 2016 Public transport
15.00 g/hkm
29.00 g/hkm
28.00 g/hkm
388.00 g/hkm
262.00 g/hkm
259.00 g/hkm
461.00 g/hkm

Free and limited emissions database

For example, see the emission factor for the electricity you use, the car you own, a flight to Brussels, or a beef. In the limited emissions database, you will find about 500 commonly used emission factors. Check out the database below.

Search for emission factors

Paid and extensive emissions database

With our emissions database it is easy to select the right emission factor for the right purpose. It includes carefully estimated emission factors collected from both public sources and companies. DNV has validated's data collection process. If you would like to discuss access, please contact us using the form below.

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