provides all the tools you need on your journey to carbon neutrality.

All tools you need for your journey towards carbon neutrality



Carbon footprint calculation tools for SMEs

What is is a carbon footprint platform developed by experts. On, you will find Finland’s most extensive emission factor database and standards-based tools to promote companies’ journey towards carbon neutrality.

The tools allow businesses effortlessly and reliably to determine and monitor their greenhouse gas emissions, model the emission trends, find relevant and reliable emission factors and increase their positive carbon handprint.

It is also possible to create various customized emission calculators on the platform.

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Our calculators are based on the world’s best-known and most used standards. The organization-specific carbon footprint calculator is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards, and the product-specific carbon footprint calculator on the ISO 14067 standard.


Finland's most extensive emissions database

Constantly growing emissions database is the most extensive one in Finland. We have collected the emission factors from the best sources, such as statistics, publications of research institutes, scientific articles, and directly from companies that have calculated the carbon footprints of their products. The database is updated twice a month.


Developed by experts

The platform has been developed by experts, and the needs of companies have been taken into account in the development process. The development work is based on the latest scientific information and the best-known international standards. DNV has validated the calculation methods and data collection process of


For a variety of uses

The service is industry-independent. We have clients from small SMEs to listed companies, start-ups, and industry associations. is suitable for calculating the carbon footprint of both an individual product and the whole company. You can also calculate your positive carbon handprint on our platform.


Easy to use is a browser-based solution that is easy to use and intelligible. You don’t have to be an expert on life cycle assessment to get reliable information on your carbon footprint. There is also an API to the’s emissions database.

Services and tools for companies carbon footprint platform is Finland’s most comprehensive toolbox for businesses’ carbon footprint work. The paid service includes the following tools:

  • Company and product carbon footprint calculators
  • Carbon handprint calculator
  • Comprehensive emissions database
  • Carbon Footprint Label
  • Emission monitoring tool
  • Emission scenario tool
  • CO2 converter
  • Training

In addition, we can implement various customized calculators for companies, which make it possible to quickly and inexpensively calculate the carbon footprint of the entire product range

Tools for companies
From the comprehensive selection, you will find various tools.

Free tools

Search for low-emission products or services and determine the climate impact of your consumption choices.

From the emissions database, you will find low-emission products and services.
Emissions database

Look for low-emission products and services.

With the converter, you can compare the sum of emissions with familiar, everyday things.
CO2 Converter

Put the amount of your emissions into perspective.

Compare how different modes of transport affect emissions from your commuting.
CO2 commuting calculator

See how much your commuting causes emissions.

Find out easily the climate emissions caused by heating your home.
CO2 heating calculator

See how much your home's heating is causing emissions.


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